My goal in developing this site is to evolve it as an “organism” and attract others who share this vision to form symbiotic relationships and collaborate on projects where their is “adaptive habitat” to foster business together and thus offer a new model of business.

This site is not just about Mary Ann Simonds, it is about the people, projects, and organizations who have influenced my evolution and contributed to my life personally and professionally.  You will find links throughout the site.

We need new models in business and science to move humanity forward quickly enough to create solutions to the number of life threatening problems we are facing today.  ”Business as Usual”, should become “Business Unusual” until the priorities of nurturing both our inner nature and our natural world are fully integrated and become “normal”.  I hope this site and its extended communities, affiliates, partners and resources will offer an opportunity to grow together organically as a collaborative community.

Some of the areas I work in professional in the horse-equine-equestrian industry include Equine-Horse Behavior, Equine Psychology, Equestrian Life Coaching, Horse and Equestrian Psychology, Equestrian Leadership, Horse-Human Interaction, Equine-Horse Play Therapy, Equine Ecology,  Equine Ethology,  Equine-Horse Awareness and Consciousness, Holistic and Natural Horse Care, Horse and Women Retreats, Equine-Horse Culture ( Social Ecology)  and Wild Horse Behavioral Ecology.

Finding my place of “Being” in Nature and with horses, my professional work has also spanned and included work in the fields of Eco-Psychology, Eco-Tourism, Eco and Sustainable Development, Nature Coaching, Wildlife Conservation, Biology, Ecology and Ethology, Range Management, Sustainable Business Coaching and Leadership Development, Nature Retreats, Natural Resource Management, Human-Nature Interactions, Cross Cultural Resource Management, Gaiasophy, Deep Ecology, Interspeices Psychology, Human-Animal Communication and Natural Whole Systems Thinking and application into real world situations.

Blending Science with Intuition we can create a symbiosis with life. In this same light my career path has taken me from the field as a scientist to the board room as an OD / leadership consultant and corporate coach and from a “girl who loved horses” to an equestrian author, educator and clinician.  My exploration for knowledge has woven a tapestry from wildlife biology and range management to inter-disciplinary consciousness studies and organizational development.  Always looking for openings in the social “system” to share how natural systems work and perhaps shift the paradigm to better understand our intrinsic connection with our natural habitat, other animals and other people, I have been fortunate to share this thinking through consulting and facilitation with various people, organizations, communities and government agencies.

Change does not take place alone and I firmly believe that collaboration and community development around a shared vision will indeed shift the paradigm. I invite you to join me. Enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with your ideas, connections, communities, and projects so that we might share resources. I look forward to hearing from you.