What Others Say About Me



Just came back from a wonderful afternoon of Carolyn Mys, I have to say, it was another opportunity to realize just how lucky we are/were to have  Mary Ann and her wisdom and teachings and sharings….I am really grateful to Mary Ann for opening so many doors (-doors that just keep on opening!)
– C. Clannaman, psychologis
t, 2008

Mary Ann Simonds is one of the geniuses of our time.
– Linda Tellington-Jones  TEAM, TTOUCH, 1999

Thank  you again for all of your efforts on our behalf. If you should ever find yourself in need of a reference, please put us at the top of your list. As you know, we believe your expertise and professionalism are second to none.
– Bob Taylor, Taylor Properties, LLC, Developer, 2010

Mary Ann brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to EcoTechnologies Group.  As our “Queen of Green”, her insight into the objectives and actions of companies, NGO’s and government agencies across a broad spectrum of environmental areas routinely helped shed light on potential areas of cooperation.  She blends the heart and passion of an environmentalist with the business oriented, practical perspective of a capitalist to help bring triple bottom line projects into reality.
– Steve Parker, CEO EcoTechnologies Group, 2010


I learned more about horses in 1 hour with you  Mary Ann, than I have learned in my whole life from other…
– W. Lasser -Equine Educator 1993

After meeting you, I knew I had to learn how to apologize to a whole lot of horses…
– F. Wyatt BLM wild horse facility mgr. 1990

Mary Ann is the “missing piece” in the horse world.  Every real “horseman should hear what she has to say.
– N. Nordstrom Trainer & Judge 1987

Teaching such as yours is so rare –Every veterinary student should have the opportunity to learn from you.
– UC Davis vet student 1989

Mary Ann makes understanding horses seem so simple. She makes us remember our deep connections & gives us the tools to honestly & clearly communicate with other animals.
L Kristine, trainer 2005

Your approach is a breath of fresh air in learning how to co exist with the horse.
– C
.  Kreitl, Stable Owner 2008

Your article truly warmed my heart and made me believe that what I do with my horse IS the right thing to do…no matter what the naysayer’s say.
– L. Noto, educator, 2007

Your work gives me courage, because as a scientist and highly experienced horse expert, I can say ‘ look, this is what I feel, and Mary Ann knows’ and can prove. There is so much that for years I have felt about horses, but was told I it was rubbish. Then you write/talk about it scientifically, and I see it is true. You give a foundation to my intuition.
– Margrit Coates, Author, 2007 (www.theanimalhealer.com)