Who is Mary Ann Simonds?

Mary Ann SimondsMany people have told me throughout life to “stick to one thing”, but I did not listen. Instead I have followed my passion learning, evolving and helping where needed. If you would like a brief sample summary Bio, then click here.

For those of you interested in a more academic and business resume, please contact me, review the site and projects, or you can see what other’s say about me.





I am a “thought pioneer”.

I am an intuitive scientist and an eclectic entrepreneur.




MA Magnetics


I am  a researcher, inventor. and natural health educator.

I am an equestrian consultant and equine behavioral ecologist.




Holistic Horse



I am a facilitator, organizational development consultant and coach.





Outdoor Facilitation


I am a producer and social media community developer.

I am  a speaker, author, and  interspecies educator.




Film Interview with Don Burt


I am  a wife and mother; sister and daughter.

I am a happy person who has spent my life doing what I love.



For the last 35 years, I have woven my passion for horses, nature, animals and people into various disciplines of consulting and educational practices. What seems like a diverse path is strongly rooted to my core beliefs – life is a complex, constantly evolving system of relationships  and humans are intimately connected to all of nature.