Brief Bio

Education:  BSc  University of Wyoming,  Wildlife Biology & Range Management, 1976

Wild Horse Ecology/Ethology, Whole Systems Analysis focus

MA   John F. Kennedy University, Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, 1990

Human/Animal Interaction, Equestrian Psychology focus

Organizational Development and Leadership, specialization

Personal Profile:

Mary Ann Simonds has worked as a researcher, educator, coach and consultant for over 30 years in the fields of human and animal behavior, communication, consciousness and ethology. Ms. Simonds has lectured in Japan, Canada, Europe, and the US and has consulted from Australia and South Africa to France and the Middle East in the fields of animal behavior and human-animal interactions. Her work blends the application of science with cultural issues finding solutions for adaptive co-habitation of people and animals.

She currently directs the Institute of Integrated Sciences, and The Whole Horse & Equestrian Science Institute, while maintaining a professional practice as a consultant. Ms. Simonds’ pioneering work has focused on stress management in animals and how humans influence animal behavior both in the wild and in captivity. Integrating a whole systems approach to interspecies psychology, Mary Ann has worked with governments, communities, businesses, non-profit organizations and universities.  Her research and consulting work has been applied in both public and private sectors with such projects as:

* assisting in the development of stress management techniques for the US Federal     government for gathering and capturing wild equines to reduce injury ( BLM 1975-1991)

* designing habitat for captured and exhibited wildlife to reduce viewing stress -High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon 1980.

* education of visitors to enhance visitor experience while reducing stress on native populations of wildlife – various projects.

*identification of emotional stress factors leading to physical problems in captive marine mammals, horses, companion animals and wildlife

* implementing techniques to reduce stress in breeding mares, decrease injury and increase breeding success

* researching the application of electro-magnetic fields on animals and developing a line of magnetic therapy products for animals

* planning developments to minimize negative impacts on wildlife and reduce domestic/wild exposure and interaction of animals

* implementing wildlife rehabilitation techniques that increase survival rates and adaptation of animals back in to natural habitats

* Solving wild predator issues with domestic livestock

* Investigating the affects of natural supplements on animals and developing a line of non-drug stress management formulas for various species

* facilitating numerous conflict resolution meetings between federal, state, regional governments and public dealing with biodiversity issues, ESAs, habitat protection, wild horses, logging, marine protection, and other community and natural resource issues.

University and Organizations

Ms. Simonds has lectured and conducted training clinics for Universities, governments, and organizations such as the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University, Nippon Animal Science University (Japan), United States Combined Training Association, United States Dressage Federation, SPCA, EQUITANA USA, the US Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, USDA Research and Extension, and US SeaGrant, as well as many private organizations. Ms. Simonds co-founded the Washington State University Horse Symposium and the International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing and has taught a number of  CE collaborative courses.

Television and Expert Witness

Outdoor Life and ESPN 2 television featured her 22 part series on horse behavior and natural health management.  She has appeared on local and National TV programs as an “expert” discussing such issues as wild horse management and the affects of development on wildlife. Ms. Simonds has served a number of times as an “expert witness” on animal behavior and equine & equestrian issues.

 Advisory Boards

 Ms Simonds was appointed by the US Secretary of the Interior to the 1990-1992 Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, which made policy recommendations, identified research needs and recommended management. She currently sits on the Advisory Board of several organizations including: The International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, The International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing, Just World International, and The Holistic Horse Magazine. Regionally she has served on several county, state and federal task forces and boards concerning wildlife, horses, livestock, animal control, transportation/trails and ecosystem management.


From putting together the first business/non-profit partnerships for Earth Day in the Bay Area in 1982 and assisting in the early development of Eco-Tourism as an economic solution to protect wildlife habitat, Ms. Simonds collaboration and facilitation work spans over 30 years. The following lists a few:

Earth Day Contra Costa County, CA – 1983- 1987, Facilitated partnerships between businesses and non-profits leading to funding and education.

EcoVision Associates 1984 -1992 – A consulting group building innovative partnerships between economic and ecological interested parties from EcoTourism Development on island communities to city/county/regional trails and wildlife corridors.

Citizen’s Wildlife Habitat Task Force, 1994, Clark County WA –led to the development of a Stewardship Ordinance which rewards developers for protecting and enhancing habitat.

WSU/Equestrian Organizations/County partnership for educating equestrians on key issues affecting the County and solving problems. , 1996- 2002

Biodiversity Committee to address the ESA issues regionally and in the County/City, WA/OR

Local Communities/Government/School/Business partnerships, Hawaii, CA, WA 2005- 2009

Sample of Speaking Presentations, Research, and Published Works

Ms Simonds has conducted numerous lectures, courses and has a variety of published works.  She is a regular contributor to animal and horse magazines writing on human-animal relationships, animal behavior, and whole systems thinking. The following offers a sample of her work:

Talks on Whole Systems Thinking and Application relative to developing sustainable solutions in community planning, sequestering carbon ( BioChar development), health, community agriculture/forestry, economic development, EcoTourism, EcoPsychology and other disciplines. 2002-2012

Stress Mgt. for Horse & Rider – numerous talks to various equine disciplines, clubs vet students, with special appearances and demonstrations at:

Equitana-2005, Germany, Key note Demonstrator, 2005

Hansepferd– Hamberg, Germany  Key note Speaker and Demonstrator, 2004

Stress Management of Food Animals – Unpublished Paper -WSU Livestock Symposium, 2001

Human-Animal Relationships–Lecture Series, WSU Research and Extension, 2001 (taped)

Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete: Emotional and Mental Stress Management Using Non-Drug Remedies, published paper, Association of Equine Sports Medicine, 2000

Selecting and Rehabilitating the Equine Athlete: How to Predict and Create a Performance Champion, published paper –Association of Equine Sports Medicine

Temperament Typing Horses: The SAICC Evaluation, The Natural Horse Magazine, 2000

Equine Behavioral Therapy Guest Lecturer: University of California Vet School, 1989-1990

Preventing Stress in Horses –Guest Lecturer, USCTA West Coast College 1992

Sharing Awareness With Animals – Key Note Speaker and Animal Behavior Panel Member, The Institute of Animal Assisted Therapy Conference 1990, 1991

Behavioral Ecology of Wild Horses: A Non-Stressful Approach to Management –Lecture, Demonstration and Training, Bureau of Land Management one day training program, 1991

Eco-tourism Impacts on Rangelands: Preserving Biodiversity and Heritage-2nd International Conference on Eco-tourism, 1990 –published proceedings

Identification of Stress Factors in Captive Dolphins Participating in SWTD Programs, Research conducted for the Dolphin Network and submitted to National Marine Fisheries, 1989-1990

Videos, DVDS, CDs, Books      

  Wild Horses: Understanding the Natural Lives of Horses -with Barbara Wheller,  DVD, 2010

  My Space, Your Space, Understanding Horse Culture, MH/Anticipate Productions, DVD 2004

 Was Pferd Wirklich Brauchenbook published in German by Kosmos ,  2006.

Stress bei Pferden, ( Simonds, Meyers) published by Kosmos in Germany,  2007

  Wild Horse Wisdom: Lessons from the Wild, Mystic Horse Productions, (Audio CD)  2002

Giving Up Freedom-Finding Friendship: Wild to Domestic Stress Free, MH Prod., 2002

 Enchanted Kinship  – Riding Meditation CD  2002

Herbs and Aromatherapy for Horses, Painted Pony Productions, 1999 (video)

Think Like a Horse, Communication Arts, 1993 (video)

The Art of Buying a Horse, Glenn-Craig Production, 1985 (video)

Herbs for Horses, Belvoir Publishing, 1998 (book)

Economics and Ecology –Audio Tape from Conference Proceedings, 1987