Partners & Affiliates

Partners & Affiliates


Newton ConsultantsNewton Consultants – the premiere water expert in much of the West. David Newton a passionate geologist and hydrologist,  brings a deep connection for Nature and people to his work in solving water related issues.


HeartMind SPEAK Coaching and Consulting integrating emotional intelligence, cognitive skill building and authentic communication.


Just World International – raising awareness in the horse industry and helping children in developing countries is Jessica Newman’s passion. A great organization run by a dynamic young women who I was honored to mentor and assist in the organizational development.


Sustainable Land Development International. Terry Mock, a long time developer has been doing sustainable communities long before it was popular. An avid nature lover, Terry believes in the triple bottom line that development and protecting nature can be economically viable. See his current development at Ocean Mountain, Oregon.

Women’s Quest Colleen Cannon runs dynamic and fun adventure and growth programs for women focusing on body, mind and spirit at exotic locations around the planet. A super athlete and joyful person, Colleen inspires everyone.

Mystic HorseMystic Horse – Started by some great women who wanted to help support me and my products, the company is run by Sue with great support from Clair. They carry all of my stress management products for horses, animals and people.


Blue Fox Farm – Long time horse friend and business associate, Nancy Nordstrom developed her lovely stable in Escondido overlooking the lake. A peaceful place with  talented and holistic trainers Alixe del Val Garciea and Cathy Robinson. Great people, happy horses, lovely habitat.

Holistic Horse Magazine

International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing