Heber wild horses, Arizona

Horse Resources

With so much information out there by experts teaching “what to do with” or “how to make a horse do something”, this section will focus on increasing the viewers awareness of horses as a species.  If you come across a blog, a book, a web site or a person who you believe has valuable information to share, then please contact me and I will be happy to review and add a link. Collaborating we can as a social group make a difference in how people understand horses. Thank you.

Horses are free roaming social herbivores who evolved in North America and adapted to a variety of habitats.

Horses have shared a strong connection with humans possibly because we both are social mammals  and our societies are built around strong social relationships and bonds.

While horses may have given up their freedom as wild horses, they have embraced a domestic relationship of friendship with humans.

The more people understand the true nature of horses and the diversity of equine cultures, the more aware people will become  in the care, training, management and riding of horses.