Mary Ann Simonds teaching

My work is helping people learn how understanding nature helps us in our lives. Whether through the programs such as “Equines by Nature” , “Humans by Nature”, “Inner Rider”,  HeartMind SPEAK or “Let Passion Play”  or just private coaching or consulting, I offer people practical tools to help with real life situations such as business, communication, marketing, or better relationships with people, animals or horses.

As an international author, clinician, and speaker, my professional practice weaves a variety of fields outlined below. Although it may appear I have a broad professional “reach”, I work with a variety of people who share a larger vision- a vision of collaboration and evolving toward a sustainable and compassionate world. Here are some of the ways I have worked with people. For more information please contact me.

Are you a change-maker or someone wanting to take your life to the next level personally, spiritually or in business ? Then one of the “Coaching” programs may be a fit.

Are you a horse person wanting to better understand your horse, and inspire your students as an instructor,  or develop a better training program ? Then a simple equine consultation with a specific focus on your needs may be a good way to work together.

Are you a developer contemplating  a new community model ?  Then I can help you understand the market, design and develop an eco-friendly equestrian community which may sell out before you break ground.

Do you have a product and want to reach your niche audience in the equestrian or eco-women industry?  Then I can help you target your market and form collaborative marketing strategies to deepen your brand and your sales.

Are you a community or organization needing help to define your “Vision” and develop a strategic plan ? Understanding what Nature does right can help you develop lasting organizational strategies.

Are you a horse, health, women or environmental organization meeting planner and want an unusual and inspiring speaker ? I will work with you to develop not only a talk which will target your group, but I can help you plan the event to give people a meaningful experience.

Are you wanting to learn how to communicate better with your horse, people or other animal ? Then learning the interspecies communication techniques developed scientifically over the last 30 years may help you.

For more information on speaking, coaching and consulting you can visit

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