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Eco- Equestrian Development

Eco and Equestrian Community Development

Projects listed below.

Equestrian Planning Education Workshop held Jan 30, 2013 in Wellington, Fl

Apply Natural Whole Systems thinking to all development and you get Eco-Development and Sustainable Communities. Unfortunately, many years ago we separated our habitat and homes from our consciousness by labeling it as “the environment” as if it was something with equal value to other issues that we could live without.  Instead we should have been teaching people how to live in balance with nature and work with natural systems to provide food and shelter so humans and other life could evolve together into a healthy sustainable community.

Sustainability” is now a buzz word, but natural systems thinking has been applied to all forms of projects.  From mining reclamation to development timing activities to work with nature’s cycles allows nature to adapt.

I have been fortunate to work with  ”aware” people who saw the value in assessing nature,  developing plans to minimize impacts and work to co-create something better than what might have been destroyed. From reclaiming mine tailings to helping communities and governments vision their sustainable future through building community gardens, keeping small farmers involved in communities, protecting open space/trails, and designing equestrian and wildlife friendly communities, I have witnessed and been able to help create sustainable projects.

From Hawaii to Florida, I have worked with developers and community planners to:

  • assess the market and target audiences
  • define the vision of the community,
  • evaluate the natural potential of the properties,
  • build collaborative partners,
  • engage the support of the public and
  • facilitate positive relationships with regulatory agencies.

If you are a developer and have built or wish to build an ecological, equestrian or sustainable community and would like to be included in this network or are interested in services, please contact me by email: Mary Ann

Here are some of the projects I recently have been or am involved with:

Village of Blume, Charlotte, NC

Village of Blume, Charlotte, NC

Bob Taylor was a traditional developer who made the economic and ecological decision to build a new type of community -one with both human and nature’s values in mind. We met with neighbors and other potential stakeholders and gathered lots of information to determine the viability of this project. My work involved setting up collaborative partners, assessing the project, and helping to define the overall vision for the development. It is well on its way to being a model for “eco-sustainable” community development where nature and people can live and work together. The project was accepted in the Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Development Program.

Rancho Hidalgo

Rancho Hidalgo/ Granite Gap/Estrellas Verde

A Florida developer who chased the best night skies in the US to build a community around star gazing, This is an unusual community which is evolving so people can be a part of creating a sustainable community.  Set up as a “live and learn” people can give input while they ride through the beautiful Chiricahuas in SW New Mexico and SE Arizona.

From making wine to “birding”, riding to star gazing, growing food to building adobe homes, these eclectic communities will offer opportunities for people to be involved in community development and are based around on-going education, learning, and exploration for interacting with nature on many levels.

My work involved involved defining potential partners, assessing the project, identifying market potential and equestrian vs other target audience opportunities.

Saddle Ridge Lake Placid, FL

Saddle Ridge Lake Placid/Sebring, Florida

Developed a Kibbutz model to reflect the ecological model in terms the developers would relate to and they “ran with it”. Literally. Not involved in the project at this point, but did all the concept development which seems to have “stuck”.

Ocean Mountain Ranch

Ocean Mountain Ranch,  Oregon

Terry Mock has been developing sustainable communities all of his life from Florida to Washington and co-founded Sustainable Land Development International to help educate and encourage other land development professionals to work with nature.  A tree lover since his childhood, Terry has also worked to preserve ancient “Champion” trees around the country. Ocean Mountain Ranch, Terry’s current community development is located along the Southern Oregon Coast and is blending “nature, tradition, and economics for a sustainable future.”