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“Without a doubt, Mary Ann Simonds has been the most inspirational person in my life.  Her breadth of knowledge is expansive as I have taken classes with her on subjects from equine management to consciousness studies, and everything in between.”  Pam Wittenburg BSN, LMT

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Assisting Individuals,  Non-Profits,  Governments, Organizations &     Communities in Creating Sustainable and Desirable Futures.

Nature offers numerous models for creating sustainable organizations. WE can learn by studying species that have been around for over 30 -60 million years and understanding how to adapt and evolve.

Applying a natural whole systems model to social systems seemed very natural to me as an ecologist but back in 1986 while in graduate school gaining a specialization in Organizational Development and Leadership, it was not so obvious to my colleagues. Luckily, today it is much more accepted and there are numerous people and organizations now using nature as a model.

Organizational development  (OD) and leadership facilitation has given me broad exposure to working with governments – from doing leadership development training for the Bureau of Land Management and other federal, state and local governments to facilitating conflict resolution on wild horses, water and land use issues in the natural resource industry.

Other Leadership Development focus areas have been with  equestrians, youth, women, private organizations and communities assisting in  strategic planning,    visioning,   defining values,   conflict resolution skill building  and communication training. 

Since 1990, I have designed and taught various coaching/training programs for groups and individuals teaching communication, leadership, & consciousness skills  applied in various areas of personal life and work.

From individual coaching/mentoring to organizational development,

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