Catalyst for Consciousness Coaching

Catalyst for Consciousness Coaching

We are all drops of water in the ocean of consciousness seeking to define ourselves. When we find our passion and what excites us about life, we re-connect to the greater whole and find our source that has always and will always be inside our souls.

Catalyst for Consciousness Coaching offers tools to help people connect with the Whole of Life. For those who want to discover the real secrets of how to make life happen and connect to their inner wisdom, coaching may assist you.

Using a consciousness model for coaching I have developed “fast tips” to help people discover themselves and their purpose.  Self-awareness, identifying your values and beliefs, learning to appreciate life, willingness to see your patterns, discovering how to BE in the moment, identifying your goals, managing  time, and charting your course are all steps in finding your purpose/passion and becoming a catalyst for consciousness.

Coaching is not counseling. Coaching assumes you are ready to move forward in life and not look backwards. Coaching takes you on a journey of self discovery from this moment forward. Your past may be important to you, but it should not hold you back from creating your future in the NOW.

Coaching and mentoring students since 1990, I have conducted year long coach training programs for professionals as well as one on one coaching for equestrians, human-animal interaction professionals, youth, entrepreneurs, health professionals, women and athletes. Long before there was the coaching profession, I worked in leadership development  and participated in facilitating groups focused on Eco-Psychology creating such programs as H.U.N.A ( Humans Understanding Nature & Animals ).

Today in this critical time of the human race heading toward either the “Technozoic Era” or the “Ecozoic Era”, many people are feeling a sense of loss and despair. But it is a time of change and you can be a part of this great moment by learning how to BE present in life and create exactly what you want to create.

The techniques are simple, but they require commitment and energy to embrace change and new ideas.

If you feel a sense of connection to discover the tools you need to find your purpose and passion and are willing to commit to yourself to let go of the past and move forward into the NOW,  then contact me for a free consultation and consciousness tips.