Working With Nature – Tourism & Community Development

Natural Systems & Sustainability


                         Tourism and Community Development

                         Education/ Training 


 Helping People Work With Nature and Develop Sustainable Projects & Progams

Edible Landscapes, Community Gardens, Permaculture, Community Supported Agriculture, Wildlife Habitat Enhancement, Restoration, and Conservation of Open Space can all be incorporated into any form of development. Balancing development and working “with ” Nature allows natural systems to adapt and evolve and humans to be a part of the system.

I have worked on a variety of projects weaving human needs into Nature’s needs and creating sustainable projects from helping to develop Eco-tourism

Hanauma Bay - Eco -Park

Mary Ann at Hanauma Bay, Hawaii – she facilitated a workshop to develop Eco-tourism and protect the Bay.

in Hawaii and island communities to assisting Communities in visioning their sustainable future, developing Stewardship and Habitat Ordinances for County governments, creating wildlife corridors through inter-connective trail systems, setting up visual tax credits for open space and creating co-marketing partnership to protect nature and assist businesses.

In the field collecting wildlife data

Conducting Wildlife Surveys – Urban Wetlands

For many years I facilitated environmental interaction programs – (EcoVision Associates and Natural Encounters (1982- 1993)

     Nature Education for Children

Teaching Nature Appreciation

helping both adults and children connect with Nature and learn the values of understanding our habitat and home.

From helping with wildlife rehabilitation and mining reclamation to designing habitats for interpretive museums and conducting education programs, I have worked on projects for over 35 years both professionally, as well as donating thousand of hours to assist people, businesses, organizations, governments and communities helping to create a sustainable vision of humans living with Nature and sharing habitat.

My current focus is on training and developing Eco and Agri Tourism as well as Horse Tourism as a sustainable way to support local economies in this country and highlight the benefits of the Nature, Farming, and Horses. The programs we have developed over the last decades now can be applied to our own home.