Mary Ann Simonds & Equine Friend Teaching together

Speaking – How Horses Help Us Understand Ourselves

Empowering, Entertaining, Enlightening

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Mary Ann has the ability to draw you in, capture and hold your attention as she speaks on a multitude of topics usually drawing from fascinating personal experiences that she is so willing to share.  She’ll take you on journeys, inspiring you to seek out and make your own personal discoveries about yourself and the unseen world around you.”   

Darlene Goss
Small Business Owner

“Mary Ann seeks to make you aware of more than just what you can see and touch.  Sometimes just listening to her talk will open up your mind and heart to things and ideas that you never once even considered to be a possibility.  Inspiring leader – you’ll want to go back and learn more about every subject she touches on.

Nancy Boyce
Eugene, OR

Here is a partial list of some of my talks:


   How Animals Help Us Learn About LifeWhat Fido Knows That You Need To.

   Natural Creativity – How Nature & Animals Inspire Us

   Loving Your Life and Having Life Love You Back

   From Human Doings to Human Beings

   Inner and Outer Nature

   Heart Mind Speak


   My Space, Your Space – The Language of Social Beings

   What Wild Horses Teach Us About Leadership and Friendship

   Organic Leadership – From the Ground Up

   Inter-Species Communication – The Language of Life

   Evolving from “I AM ” to “We Are”

Health and Wellness

   Stress Management on 1 Min a Day

   How Animals and Nature Help Us Heal

Catalysis for Consciousness – Finding Your Purpose and Your Passion


   My Space, Your Space- How Horses Teach Us About Setting Boundaries

   What Nature Teaches Us About Healthy Relationship

   Stress Management for Teenagers

   What’s Sex Got to Do With It – Managing Sexual Energies in the Workplace and at School 

  Women as Change Makers

Let Passion Play


   Whole Systems Thinking – A Critical Skill for Survival

   Partnering With Nature- Using Natural Intelligence to Help

   Eco-nomics and Eco-ology

Gaiasophy – Thinking and Being with Nature

Habitat, Home or the Environment – WE Need to Connect


   Stress Management for You and Your Pet

   Sharing Awareness With Animals –How to Talk to Your Animal Friends and Hear What They Say

Horse Power – putting teams to work

   Training By Temperament

   What Sex’s Got to Do With It – Gender Differences in Horses

   Equine Sports Coaching – developing Skills for the Next Generation of Horsemen/Horsewomen

   Equestrian Life Coaching – What Every Instructor Needs to Know

   Horsewomanship – A Feminine Relationship With Horses that Goes Beyond Riding


Marketing and Business

  Network Like and Ant


Collaborate, Communicate, Create















  Think Like A Tree: What Nature Can Teach Us About Health Relationships






Health and Wellness


  How to Manage Your Stress With 1 Min a Day.